Reasons Why You Need to Join an Insurance Agency Cluster Groups

Insurance word written on wood block

Today, independent insurance agents normally experience a hard time when it comes to getting access to those products that they want to sell.  This is because carriers have several requirements worth many dollars in premiums.  However, when you join a cluster, it is an easy and quick way that will help you gain access to various products and also commissions that insurance carriers usually reserve for large agencies.  Since there is strength in numbers, an insurance cluster will always offer the best to online training for insurance agent who are trying to grow and compete with larger agencies.

An insurance cluster will, therefore, help you to improve your standing with insurance carriers.  This can be achieved by joining a cluster with a large group of insurance agents in order to put your books together so as to enhance your leverage with these carriers.  In addition to this, joining an insurance cluster will also help and support every agency to grow in various ways.  These include sharing of profits, sharing of expenses, and training each other, including consultation services. 

In addition to this, when you join independent insurance agents, you will be able to access various insurance products that may have been out of reach before.  These include better commissions and more market access, which comes as a result of getting new colleagues and networks.  Also, you will also have lower expenses to pay each month since members of the clusters will share some costs.  The costs that are mostly shared are customer service, management software licenses, among others.  Hence, every member’s expenses will go down drastically.

Joining a cluster group will also make it easy to buy, sell, or merge.  Since all of you will be in one group with many other insurance agents, you will be able to identify the best agents who you can merge with in the future.  Therefore, you will get new colleagues who you can share common business ideas that will help you grow even more.

You must also note that there are fees and costs that one incurs when joining a cluster.  Although some of these costs may be complicated, there are others that have transparency when it comes to the charges.  There may also be some maintenance fees such as paying for service centers, office facilities, and shared marketing efforts, and so on.  Therefore, you must understand how it works before you decide to join an insurance cluster. Get more facts about insurance, go to

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